No Man’s Sky – Using VoiceAttack For A More Immersive Experience

After playing No Man’s Sky for over a week now, I started looking for ways to make it more immersive.  I wanted to make the game feel more “real.”  If I can travel between star systems, shouldn’t I be able to talk to my exosuit or ship?  I mean, are we living in the 60’s or something?  No!  We are living in… er, what year is No Man’s Sky set in?  Whatever year we are currently playing as, we can do better than a keyboard and mouse.  We can just talk to our computer and have it do things for us.  We can use… VoiceAttack!

VoiceAttack is a neat little program that allows you to assign actions to a customized voice command.  And it can be used for pretty much anything, not just video games.  For example, if I am tired of having to type in my e-mail address over and over, I can create a “macro” in VoiceAttack to type it out when I say, “Insert my e-mail address here.”  And it will type out your e-mail address, hands free.  Well, you can take that same principle and apply it to something like No Man’s Sky.  You can create a macro to open and navigate your inventory, for example.  The more macros you create, the more immersive the game can become.  This is especially fun for space simulation games like No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen or Elite: Dangerous.

Okay, okay. So you are wondering why you would want to speak to your game instead of clicking on things with your primitive little mouse or keyboard. I mean, it takes longer to talk then to just point and click — right? Yes. And no. A lot of the times, with a menu system only 1 or 2 levels deeps, it is much faster with a mouse and keyboard (or a gaming controller). But when you have 20 thousand different things you can do inside a menu or inventory system, you will have to wade through a boatload of items or submenus just to find what you need. On top of this, being able to tell your exosuit or ship what to do is just plain cool. Come on, the cool factor is there. You know it. Take a look at the video below. I’m sure you will agree.

So, how do I install and setup VoiceAttack you ask?  Simple:

  • Go download a trial copy of VoiceAttack here.
  • Once the download is done, find where you download it and double-click it to run the installer.
  • Make sure your microphone is working and adjust it accordingly.  You may be prompted to train your voice so your computer can understand you better.
  • When you are ready, you will need to buy VoiceAttack to keep it working.

Now what?  Well, out of the box, VoiceAttack simply lets you create macros and even have your computer read out loud your text using your computer’s default voice.  For some, that is more than enough.  To really have a more immersive experience, you should also buy and download some voice packs from places like HCS Voicepacks.  The have some pretty neat voice packs from some interesting actors — like Brent Spiner (Data in Star Trek: TNG), William Shatner, and others.

Import a profile
Import a profile

So to get VoiceAttack to work for No Man’s Sky, you can simply download our NMS VoiceAttack profile, and import it.  Or you can follow the steps below and create your own profile.

  1. Open the VoiceAttack app and create a new profile by clicking on the pencil/pad icon in the top center area of the VoiceAttack app.
  2. Call this new profile anything you want.  In this case, we called it NMS.
    Naming Your Profile
    Naming Your Profile
  3. Now, click the “New Command” button and you will be presented with a window like below.  Now, enter in what ever you want the computer to listen to as your command.  For example, we what the computer to listen for us to say, “Hello there” and “Hello world”.  Notice how you can chain multiple commands together using a semicolon as a separator.  You should also pay attention to not have spaces next to the semicolons.
    Adding a New Command
    Adding a New Command
  4. Now, press the “Other” button, select “Sounds”, and then “Say Something with Text-To-Speech”.  You will see a new window allowing you to add an action.
    Linking and Action/Macro
    Linking an Action/Macro
  5. Now enter in something like below and then press the “Okay” button.  Also click the “Okay” button on the “Add a Command” window, and finally the “Done” button on the remaining window.
    Making your action say something.
    Making your action say something.
  6. Congratulations, you have just created your first VoiceAttack macro.  Now, just say “Hello there” or “Hello world” and your computer should speak “Hello world, this is my first VoiceAttack macro.  God help me.”

If you want to run mouse clicks, key presses and so on, you can do so by choosing the “Key Press” button instead of the “Other” button in the “Add a Command” window.  Once you master this, you can create any macro for any game or application you want.

However, since we are talking about No Man’s Sky here, you can simply import our profile and you should be all set.  Please note that you will not be able to hear Eden reply to your commands until you either purchase the Eden voicepack or another voicepack and adjust the locations of the sound files.  Please take some time to visit the VoiceAttack website and read the documentation that comes along with it for more complex macros.  VoiceAttack is quite powerful and should be a tool in every gamer’s toolset.

Best of luck, and we hope to meet you someday, somewhere out there, in the No Man’s Sky universe.