Modding No Man’s Sky

Modding a game is almost like a right of passage for some game lovers.  Those that don’t understand it often frown upon it because they feel it takes away the original intent of the developers.  Modding is often associated with cheating, but it’s not — although there are mods out there design to let you cheat.  But those are choices you have to make as “the gamer”.  Do you want to cheat?  Or do you just want to change some annoying aspects of the game?  Perhaps you just want the game to look and behave the way you envisioned it.

For me, and people who are bored with the game (or have completed it), modding brings new life and often new perspectives to an already great game.  I mean, why make mods for a boring or bad game, right?  For example, I’m used to just clicking on things and getting instant gratification from my clicks.  I don’t recall the last time I played a PC game in which I had to click and hold my mouse button down for about 3 seconds to “activate” anything.  In No Man’s Sky, this is the case.  And it gets annoying very fast, especially with the super clunky inventory interface.  Guessing I am not the only one who hates having to hold down my mouse to interact with objects in this game, I found an already thriving modding community dedicated to all things No Man’s Sky.  And what do you know, there is a mod available to gets rid of the mouse nuisance.

There’s the issue of the retro-coloring of the game often associated with something from the 1960’s.  Yes, I know that the game pays homage to sci-fi shows from long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  And from shows like Battlestar Galactica.  That’s all great, but for some people, that is just killing the game play.  So, out came this mod and this mod.  Either will solve the problem.  As an example, using the second mod, here are the screenshot difference.

Original and unmodded
Original and umodded.
Instagram filer mod
With the “Instagram” filter mod
Chroma removal and Instagram mods together.
Chroma removal and Instagram mods together.

The second picture uses the Instagram filter to take away the over saturation of colors and shadows.  The third picture above uses both the Instagram filter and the chroma removal mod to fix the chroma, aberration, vignetting and gets rid of the annoying “scan lines”. Some may find this more appealing, others might prefer the game as is.  That’s the beauty of mods.  You can pick and choose what you want.  There’s even a mod that improves on the FXAA settings that came out of the box from Hello Games.  I am using the 1.00 pak file, and I love it.  Some mods are a direct result of working with the original developers or with the tools made available by the developers.

However, like anything in software land, “buyers beware”.  If you are into modding or are just curious, make sure you know that you are downloading from a site you trust.  And even that, you should always scan the files you download for malware and/or viruses.  Not all mods are nice mods.  On top of this, an update to the game from the vendors may break the mods.  So make sure you read the instructions carefully how to install AND how to uninstall any mods you use.

Disclaimer:  If you use any of mods and they break your game and/or system, we are not to be held responsible in anyway, shape or form.  You do so at your own risk.