No Man’s Sky – Feeding the Natives

Something interesting happens when you feed the natives in No Man’s Sky.  Out of curiosity, we fed one of the natives carbon.  And in return for our love, it rewarded us with… poop?

It seems that if you really are in need of something to do, there is always the option of feeding the natives. If you feed them enough and they become happy, they will lead you to some treasures. Some of which, are rare.

However, not all natives are nice, friendly and cute. Especially the little criters. I find that the smaller they are, the more aggressive they usually are. Apparently, size matters in No Man’s Sky.

I’m not sure why, but when chasing these little criters to catalogue or to feed them, my mind was flooded with fond memories of my gnomes in World of Warcraft chasing squirrels. Oh, happy places. My mind is a bit twisted, I know.

So the next time you run into a creature that resembles something you created in Spores (the video game) from years ago, take the time to feed them what they like. You just might make a new friend, and it might take you on a wild treasure hunt.