No Man’s Sky – Maximizing Your Gears

A lot of people don’t realize that in No Man’s Sky, how you arrange your module upgrades makes a huge difference.  If you are just randomly clicking on an open slot in your gear, you need to learn from the pro.

Optimized multi-tool configuration
My trusty 24 slot multi-tool, fully optimized.

Okay, so I am not actually a pro. I often learn better by banging my head against a wall until something happens. In this case, I saw colors and patterns. I learned that if you upgrade your gears (in this case, my multi-tool), a colored border will appear if you put similar upgrade items next to each other. It’s also important to group similar items with their parents. For example, if you have an upgrade for your mining laser, put it in the slot right next to (or below) it.

Doing so will link the upgrade with the item you are upgrading, and your multi-tool will be more powerful than if you were to just randomly place the upgrade where ever there was a slot open.  Following the same rule, you can also do this for your exosuit and ship configurations.  Here are two screenshots of my current configurations.

Exosuit configuration
My current exosuit configuration
Starship configuration
My current starship configuration

For more information, or just because you don’t feel like reading my blog, please take a moment to view my YouTube video on maximizing your gears.