No Man’s Sky (The Best Solar System in the Game)

We believe we have found the best solar system in No Man’s Sky. We have been to countless star systems. We overhauled our warp engines many times over, and now — we bring you, Riza.

Our star system was named after the infamous Star Trek planet Riza as it was the goto planet for pleasure and relaxation.

There are for planets in the Riza system that will make you never want to leave. You can relax on the lusciously green planet, Pleasantville — then head on over to Desolace or Perma for some sight seeing or extreme spelunking and ice fishing.

And when you are done playing and need some cold, hard, cash — simply make your way to Goldilock and pick up some free Sac Venoms and Vortex Cubes. Once your inventory slots are full, dump them at the nearest seller for a few million units. It’s that simple and quick. You can be a billionaire in no time at all.

Unlike other planets where the sentinels will kill you for just looking at their balls, the sacs and cubes on Goldilock are all free for the taking. We have an entire planet full of them.

Take as much as you like. We don’t care. In Riza, our motto is: “Come relax and get rich. Everyone is welcome, even if you are a space pirate.” We don’t judge.