No Man’s Sky – Huge “ED-209” Sentinel Killed

So that happened (picture above). I was on my “lucky” planet minding my own business by picking some precious Albumen pearls to make some quick cash when some smaller sentinels (including a robotic dog) appeared and chased me away. After a few rounds of running for my life, I decided to stand my ground and fight! And with my trusty unmodified multi-tool, I killed all three sentinels.

After a few rounds of this, my threat level reached maximum. And then the guy above materialized behind me. I thought it was just another regular sentinel. Then I suddenly received a huge blast and my personal shield dropped half way. I was also spunned around — like someone just hit me with a baseball bat. This is when I turned around and saw “the” beast.

My first thought was, “Holy crap! It’s ED-209 from Robocop!” RUN! And boy, did I run. I managed to get away from it with about 1/4 of my shield left. However, I noticed my threat level wasn’t going down. ED-209 (this is what I am calling this thing from now on) was not going to go away quietly like the regular sentinels. My threat level was permanent and it is coming for me. I even got into my ship and took off. When I landed (I thought I flew far enough), it came straight for me. Persistent!

After a few skirmishes with ED-209 and lots of playing hide and seek with it around my ship, I finally slayed the beast. But, honestly, I was screaming like a little Gek the whole time. 😉