No Man’s Sky – First Impressions

I think about a year or so ago, Koua mentioned a new game called No Man’s Sky. He described it as a spaceship flying game where you can fly through space and land on planets and interact with the natives. A game where you can play at your own pace. He was really excited for it and couldn’t wait to play. Everytime the release date was pushed back, he would be disappointed.

So when it was finally released last Tuesday (8/9/2016) on the Playstation, Koua was super excited. He ordered it and downloaded it. He played it straight, for like, 24 hours. I’m sure he slept and ate somewhere in there but it felt like he didn’t move much.

I for one wasn’t too interested in it. I hate flying – in real life and in games. It makes me sick. I wasn’t too thrill about the game to say the least. And on top of that, I hate flying games on the Playstation console. Let’s just say I don’t have very good coordinations. 😛

On Friday when the game was released on the PC (personal computer), Koua bought it and made me tried. OMG! So, here are some of my first impressions of the game.

Motion Sickness – I Quit This Game
Okay so the first hour, I was so dizzy I thought for sure I was going to throw up. I had some dramamine in my bag from a recent boat trip and I thought I was going to have to take it. I said, “NOPE! Not for me. I quit this game!” But, Koua and the girls (our daughters) all said that they felt that way too when they first started. It just takes getting used to the flying.

Hmmm – okay, I’d give this another hour I said. But first, I needed to take a break. I splashed cold water on my face, drank a cold glass of water and back in the chair in front of the PC monitor I went. It was getting better. I still didn’t know how to make the ship stop moving from side to side. I moved the mouse too fast and the ship did a whole 360 degrees spin out. I can’t tell where is up or down or right or left. I didn’t know what those lines and numbers on the screen meant but I was not going to throw up anymore. Yay! Maybe if I give boating and real flying a chance without resorting to dramamine, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get over my motion sickness? Don’t know and don’t want to find out. 😛

Now that I’m not feeling sick anymore, I actually went out to space to farm something called Thamium for the ship. Koua showed me how to shoot those rocks right out of the… air! And they went straight into my ship’s inventory! Sweet! When I was done, I pressed the letter M for map like I always do when I’m playing World of Warcraft to find where I am and how to get back to where I was before.

I kept pressing M, nothing came on the screen. Why not? Where is the map? How do you access map? “There’s no map on this game,” Koua said.

“What??? Why not? How am I supposed to know where I need to go? Or where I’ve been?” I asked. I can’t remember what his answer was. I was stuck in space. I think he might’ve said something about flying to a planet or something. I pointed at a planet and press the space bar to “hyper drive” there.

Okay, no map! None! When I landed on the planet, there’s no map indicating where I am on it. There’s no mini map. There’s no markers. I didn’t like that. I was so used to always having a map to guide me in my quests and adventures.

But nontheless, I wasn’t going to let this lack of map stop me from exploring all the planets and this game. I ventured on. I found abandoned outposts. I found signal scanners that let me find waypoint beacons that could help me find more outposts, landing centers, drop pods, old civilization obelisks and Advance Alien Life form on the planets. It would be marked with symbols inside color-coded hexagon on my view screen. Everywhere that I landed on that has man-made objects, there was a discovered post. I clicked on it to discover it and the symbols would disappeared.

After flying around for a while, I was starting to feel frustrated. I left that first planet and went in search of another planet. And after exploring and grabbing things for the ship, I started to feel frustrated again and I would repeat the process again. Finally, after five planets and on a moon, I spent three HOURS trying to find a sale’s guy that I met a couple of hours ago to sale all those junks in my exosuit and ship inventories. I kept flying and stopping at EVERY outpost.

I felt like I was a drowning in an ocean of black with no light from anywhere to save me. Panic started to set in. I was done. I can’t continue with a game with no map! It wasn’t enjoyable anymore. It wasn’t fun anymore. It wasn’t adventerous anymore. It was just annoying! So I logged off.

10,000 Units For More Bag Space?
“Really? You’re going to start me with a 6-slot bag?”

Having played World of Warcraft, Wild Star and other MMORPG games, not having enough bag space was always a problem. So when I found that first drop pod that would allow me to expand my exosuit bag slot, I was exhilarated! Woohoo! And it was FREE!!! So imagine my shock the next time I found another drop pod. 10,000 unit? For one measly slot? Okay, I really needed it so I took it.

When I found another drop pod, it was 10,000 units more than the last one. So now it’s 20,000 units. The next one would be 30,000 units and the one after that would be 40,000 units and the one after that would be50,000 units, etc. You get the picture. WOW! It’s not like I have units growing on all these rocks and plants where I can just go and get it you know! And I was complaining when WoW charged me 100g for a bag slot! HAH!

But, I can’t help myself. I have to have more bag space. I continue to pay for each bag slot. I think I’m over the 200 grand mark now for just ONE slot and don’t even get me started on how to expand the slot on the ship!

Overall Impressions
I know that not every game that comes out is going to be perfect. At least not perfect for me anyway. 🙂 I’m willing to try it and have fun with it.

With No Man’s Sky, once I got over the initial motion sickness, I was starting to have fun exploring and learning how to control the ship — until I can’t recall where I found that seller! I don’t even mind the price tag on those single bag slot expansions.

Since this is the first release of the game on the PC, I’m hoping the developers will release some kind of “patch” to rectify some missing or malfunctioning parts of the game. Until then, I’ll keep flying blindly to go where I needed to go!

There’s a youtbube channel but I currently do not know how to add that link here yet. So when I do, I’ll put up the link somewhere on here!

Thanks for reading!